ETHNO Traminer is a fresh and aromatic white wine extremely suitable for everyday use.

Color: Saturated, light golden with bright highlights.

Aroma: Flowery character, with white flowers, herbs and rose.

Taste: Dense, bringing soft freshness and a long aromatic finish with a floral character.

Combine with: Extremely suitable for fragrant Asian and Moroccan dishes containing turmeric, ginger, curry, cumin, coriander, coconut and other aromatic spices. Try well-seasoned duck, salted seafood, rich vegetable dishes including mushrooms, carrots, sweet potatoes and peppers, fruit desserts and soft cheeses combined with dried fruit.


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Cabernet Sauvignon & Mavrud


An aroma which is dominated by black forest fruits, cassis, blackberry, with hints of caramel.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Mavrud go great together – the Cabernet gives a smooth and velvety structure to the wine, while the Mavrud makes it more lively, with an exotic spicy sensation. Combined in such a way these two varieties complement each other in an extraordinary way.

Colour: Deep ruby red.
Aroma: Dominated by black forest fruits, cassis and blackberry, perfectly balanced with hints of caramel which is a promise for an exceptional wine adventure.
Body: Full-bodied, round and incredibly juicy, with a soft freshness and silky tannins.
Combine with: The perfect choice for pasta with beef, barbecue, red meat stews, chocolate desserts with raspberries and even hard or soft cheeses.
We recommend: Turn the music up to maximum at a big party with friends…and enjoy!
We are proud of:
Bronze medal from "International Wine Challenge" 2013; Silver medal from "The Balkans International Wine Competition" 2013; Silver medal, International Wine Contest 2017




An intense fruity nose, dominated by red forest fruits with hints of raspberry and strawberry.

Think about all those things that bring you true pleasure, then look at them from a new perspective and plunge into a new colourful adventure.
ETHNO Rosé is a modern tale in pink!
Handy, modern and innovative – the new screw cap of ETHNO Rosé was especially developed in order to preserve the fresh aromas of raspberry and strawberry for longer.

Colour: Beautiful light pink.
Aroma: Intensive, fruity, dominated by red forest fruits with hints of fresh raspberries and strawberries.
Taste: Smooth, with a silk freshness and a delightful, long finish.
Combine with: Green salads with light dressings, a salad with spinach and strawberries, appetizers with vegetables, light fish dishes with olive oil and dill, pasta with sea food, desserts with raspberries and a light crème fraîche.
We recommend: Have fund with a glass of ETHNO Rosé! Nothing else can make every moment more colourful than a glass of rosé.
We are proud of:
Bronze medal from "The Balkans Wine Competition" 2013




If you are loooking for a wine which you could drink in one go, don't hesitate anymore ... choose ETHNO Merlot.

ETHNO Merlot is a promise for a memorable soft, juicy and mellow sensation. If you are loooking for a wine which you could drink in one go, don't hesitate anymore ... choose ETHNO Merlot.

Colour: Crimson red with garnet tinges.

Aroma: Dominated by ripe black cherry, plum, beautifully combined with hints of vanilla.

Body: A harmonious and balanced taste, with ripe tannins and a pleasant warmth in the finish.

Combine with: Serve it with an appetizer with baked cheese and hashed meat, tuna fish in a tomato salsa, game and cocoa desserts.

We recommend: For you, for someone special, in a wonderful and cosy evening at home.


Syrah & Rubin

ETHNO Syrah & Rubin has a pronounced fruity aroma with notes of black cherries and forest fruits, which are gallantly combined with hints of dark chocolate

When Syrah gets together with Rubin the result is much more than a friendly meeting. The Syrah gives a pronounced spiciness and a velvety and warm mouthfeel, while the Rubin makes the wine succulent with a pleasant sweetness, and gives it a round, full body with a piquant and long finish which will make you fall in love with it. The result is a top quality wine with incredible characteristics both in its youth and after aging.

Colour: Beautiful, rich ruby red.

Aroma: Fruity with notes of black cherries and forest fruits, which are gallantly combined with hints of dark chocolate.

Body: With a good structure, soft tannins and lingering ripe fruit finish.

Combine with: Appetizers with bacon and cheese, bread with aromatic spices, lasagne, red meats with a wine reduction, cheesecake with blue cheese and walnuts.

We recommend: Take it with you on a ski trip to a castle or a chalet in the mountain and open the bottle when it starts calmly snowing outside…make sure there is а fireplace near by.




ETHNO Chardonnay is a fresh, elegant, white wine.

When Chardonnay is made fresh, colorful and of moderate density, it is a wonderful, elegant white wine.
Forget about the exhausting wines of the recent past, because the most modern embodiment of the variety is ETHNO Chardonnay, which you should enjoy in his youth. Melons or white peach, apple or flowers, a hint of complexity, after all ETHNO Chardonnay is just a wonderful wine. It belongs to any other time, but not to the past.

Aroma: Intense, with nuances of white flowers, peach and ripe apple.

Taste: A rush of ripe fruit and a delicate hint of vanilla. This is a wine with a soft and elegant taste, good structure and moderate density. Soft, pleasant freshness, elegant finish.

Food pairing suggestions: Green salads with apples or avocados, chicken dishes with almond sauce, coconut or peanuts, grilled fish, cheeses such as "Cheddar", "Gouda", "Edam".

We recommend it: For a picnic in the park or under the rainbow.

Awards: Silver medal "Chardonnay Du Monde" 2013; Silver medal "The Balkans Wine Competition" 2012


Sauvignon Blanc & Misket


ETHNO Sauvignon Blanc & Misket is a lively and playful wine, full of promises, which pairs well with almost everything.

Indulge in freshness like no other.

Sauvignon Blanc is famous for its interesting citrus nose, while Misket has a soft vegetal character with herbal notes. The intriguing combination between the two, which you will find in ETHNO Sauvignon Blanc & Misket, reveals a lively and playful wine, full of promises which pairs well with almost everything.

Aroma: Soft and light with a vegetal character. Fresh herbs and floral notes come through with hints of green apple and fresh citrus fruits.
Taste: Elegantly playful with a fine structure and a pleasant and smooth finish.
Combine with: Spring salads (improvisation is desirable, if not obligatory), fish appetizers, sea food with cream sauce, semi-hard cheeses and many many more…
We recommend: Enjoy it under the sun, at the beach, next to sand castles and swimming pools, even inflatable ones.
We are proud of: Silver medal from "VINOBALKANIKA" 2013; Silver medal from "The Balkans Wine Competition" 2012; Silver medal, Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2018


Muskat & Dimiat

An intense aroma with notes of geranium, linden, acacia and piquant herbs which goes perfectly with its smooth and dense body and long finish.

If you want to make a good impression, choose this wine.

Colour: Beautiful, deep golden yellow.

Aroma: The intense aroma dominated by geranium, lime, acacia and herbal spiciness.

Body: Smooth with a good structure and a long aftertaste. Its pleasant aromatic mouthfeel will stay with you for a long time.

Combine with: If you are a meat-lover, we recommend dishes with a honey glaze, in a sweet and sour sauce, as well as desserts with cinnamon and caramel, a variety of exotic fruits, and for the most adventurous – banana bread.

We recommend: Share it with a friend.

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