Having a successful product means a lot more than creating and introducing it to the right audience.

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Analyzing and evaluating the market is an essential part of our success as this enables us to have accurate information about its evolution and latest trends.


We have defined 3 steps for the achievement and establishment of new successful products. First of all, we begin with discovery or the simple fact of becoming aware of something new. Second, comes the actual invention which transforms an incredible idea and gives it everything necessary to present itself in front of the large public in the best way possible. The third and equally important step is the actual creation – the moment when the soul of the product is born and when it becomes a proper member of our big family.

We are amongst the best producers in the sector with an impressive portfolio of over 70 different products. In order to achieve this and to keep improving it, we are very focused on our operations. Here why, we have full control over every step of the production process from the raw product to the distilling, fermenting, brewing, aging, bottling, packaging, storage and distribution of our brands. What sets us apart from everyone else on the market is that our entire work is based on traditions and profound knowledge with a modern and innovative twist. We use only the latest technologies and equipment and we never take the easy way in order to deliver the best quality and high standards to our precious clients every time.


SIS Industries has more than 2 000 ha of own plants with vineyards. All of them are situated in the Karnobat Municipality. In addition, the company cultivates tens of thousands ha land with wheat, winter wheat and rye which are used for the distillation purposes.


We have one of the largest and most modern distillate refinery plant in the Balkan peninsula. VinS Industries started its operations in 2001. The technology for the production of ethyl alcohol belongs to the Canadian company Cemcorp Ltd. and is based on the innovative high-alcohol and very high-alcohol fermentation (High Gravity Fermentation and Very High Gravity Fermentation). Part of the production line is a four-column distillation installation with a height of 32 meters, the tallest in Bulgaria at the time of its construction and until now, producing alcohol suitable for spirits drinks of extremely high quality. The capacity for production of high-quality grain spirit is over 60,000 liters per day.


Vinprom Karnobat is one of the largest wine manufacturing plants in Eastern Europe. The plant extends over an area of 20 000m². The production facilities are equipped with most modern facilities. Furthermore, Vinprom Karnobat has the largest production capacity on the Balkans, capable of handling more than 30 million kg of grapes per campaing. The capacity for wine production is 20 million liters and bottling capacity of 1 million bottles of wine per month.

The company is a leading producer of wines and traditional Bulgarian spirit drinks as rakia, mastika, menta, brandy with over 100 years of history.


Minkov Brothers Wine Cellar produces premium wines and rakia. The Winery combines 135-year experience, rich soils, favorable climate and passion for winemaking. The Wine Cellar is located 15 km west of Karnobat, near the highway Burgas-Sofia and rising neatly on a hill surrounded by vineyards. Its architecture pleases the eye at first sight – an elegant retro style balanced out by some modern elements implying the comfort and discreet luxury inside. The winery produces premium and high class wines from its own vineyards of more than 40 ha. Minkov Brothers wines receives every year medals from Decanter World Wine Awards in the last decade.

Wine Cellar Minkov Brothers

Our Values

Integrity, Teamwork, Respect, Passion and Creativity, Customer Centricity


Our commitments are a clear signal to our employees, consumers, business partners and our local communities that we do care about growing our business being socially responsive, building true relationships and producing desirable and valuable products

our operations

Analyzing and evaluating the market is an essential part of our success as this enables us to have accurate information about its evolution and latest trends.


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