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About us

Being original and easy to understand is what we have been and continue doing since the very beginning.


SIS Industries is a leading Wine & Spirits producer in Bulgaria with more than 30 years history. Our combined wine and spirits portfolio is made up of more than 35 brands, including 6 which are the category market leaders in Bulgaria. We own, produce and manage the famous brands Savoy, Mary Jane, Karnobatska Rakia, Ouzo Zorbas, Kehlibar, Cycle, Minkov Brothers, Ethno, Bubbles etc. Our brands are distributed in more than 20 countries.

At SIS Industries, we believe that individual brand strength and brand equity, based on meaningful differentiation and built by passionate people, are the keys to ongoing growth and profitability.

We are amongst the best producers in the sector in Eastern Europe with an impressive portfolio of over 70 different products. We have full control over every step of the production process from the raw product to the distilling, fermenting, brewing, aging, bottling, packaging, storage and distribution of our brands. What sets us apart from everyone else on the market is that our entire work is based on traditions and profound knowledge with a modern and innovative twist.We use only the latest technologies and equipment and we never take the easy way in order to deliver the best quality and high standards to our precious clients every time.

Thanks to the constant high quality of the products and its exclusive brands, SIS Industries Ltd. has become the leading company on the Bulgarian wine and spirits market over the years.

The head office of SIS Industries is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The modern production plants and lands are located in South-Central Bulgaria, around the town of Karnobat, Burgas area. More than 1000 people are working for the company.

All the care and attention that we put into the production process is afterwards transferred to the most convenient presentation and marketing for each product. Being original and easy to understand is what we have been and continue doing since the very beginning. Our focus is set on keeping our products in the spotlight and always bringing more than expected to the market. We are entirely committed to constantly stay in direct contact with our existing and new clients and ensure their full satisfaction with every brand we own.

Minkov Brothers Wine Cellar is a medium size winery with focus on producing premium wine brands.

SIS Industries has its own distillery, which is among the largest and most modern refineries for distillates and grain alcohol in the Balkans. The capacity of the plant is over 60 000 lt per day.

Well-equipped own laboratory ensures constant traceability of all processes and precise control over the entire chain. All produced and used distillates are with high quality.

Vinprom Karnobat is the largest wine producer in Bulgaria with a number of mainstream wine brands.

Our Values

Integrity, Teamwork, Respect, Passion and Creativity, Customer Centricity


Our commitments are a clear signal to our employees, consumers, business partners and our local communities that we do care about growing our business being socially responsive, building true relationships and producing desirable and valuable products

our operations

Analyzing and evaluating the market is an essential part of our success as this enables us to have accurate information about its evolution and latest trends.


Distribution of our brands worldwide


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