Tequila Savoy is officialy listed under the number 1504 in the tequila register monitored by Tequila Regulatory Council in Mexico. Tequila Savoy is very balanced, clean and smooth agave silver tequila, distilled in Mexico in particular to highlight the agave aroma. The intoxicating finish reminds you of the power of tequila, while the spark of warm and sweet agave contributes to lasting sweet and sour aftertaste. The velvet nature and pure taste of Tequila Savoy surprises and delivers delight to the senses.

Offered in bottles of:

Tequila Savoy has been awarded with Gold medal at the global competition, Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, held in Tequila city, Mexico, in 2016.


Official webpage:  www.Savoy.bg

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