Pinot Grigio

One hundred different photographers recreate a moment in a hundred different ways ... and every look is unique. Inspired by the photografy the wines from the series Le Photographe refract the world through the prism of personality.

Made from prestigious grape varieties the wines from the series Le Photographe wear distinctiveness, character and style.

Le Photographe Pinot Grigio

Variety: Pinot Grigio
Designation of origin: PGI (protected geographical indication)
Region: Thracian Valley
Origin: Our own vineyards in the Karnobat area
Type: Dry white wine
Colour: pale, straw with beautiful greenish tinges
Aroma: fine, elegant with nice nuznces of yellow fruites and minerals
Taste: very elegant, with a pleasant freshness and a sense of minerality
Serving temperature: 8 – 10°C
Food pairing suggestions: seafood with intense flavours, pizza and pasta with vegetable additions, white meat courses with spice


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