Kehlibar Reserve

The "Kehlibar Reserve" comprises four of the most aromatic, typically Bulgarian grape varieties for brandy - Rkatsiteli, Red Misket, Dimyat and Ugni Blanc. The brandy is made of high-quality and organic grapes manually picked from the fertile vineyards of "Vinprom Karnobat".

The rich taste and authentic flavor are achieved entirely environmentally friendly. Immediately after the boiling of the brandy, the technologists of "Vinprom Karnobat" immerse in the containers pieces of natural Kehlibar as it was known for centuries that this resin was a universal cure for numerous illnesses and natural filter against impurities. Kehlibar has the power to eliminate all toxins and residues in the fluids, that's why the "Kehlibar" brandy is distinguished for its exceptional purity and balanced taste.

Type: grape rakia
Variety: Rkatsiteli, Red Misket, Dimiat, Ugni Blanc
Region: Thracian Valley
Origin: own vineyards
Mature: 5 years in oak barrels
Colour:deep, amber yellow
Aroma: intense, rich, with dominant accents of vanilla and chocolate
Taste: soft, dense, balanced, long mild aftertaste
Serving temperature: 15-18 ˚C

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