Chardonnay du monde

For more than 20 years, the Chardonnay du Monde international competition trained, in Paul Bocuse Institute (Écully - France) more than 700 international experts-jury .


These men and women from all around the world are the "living knowledge of the chardonnay".


For the first time, they make you access to the very private moment of the Chardonnay du Monde official tasting : every year, in March, in the Ravatys Castle (Bourgogne, France), Chardonnay wine from more than 40 countries enter into qualitative confrontation. The experts-jury tasted according to strict standards of the quality assurance the quality of the Chardonnay.


They immerse themselves during 4 days in the incredible panorama of the quality of the Chardonnay of the world.

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