Sauvignon Blanc & Misket

ETHNO Sauvignon Blanc & Misket is a lively and playful wine, full of promises, which pairs well with almost everything.

Indulge in freshness like no other.

Sauvignon Blanc is famous for its interesting citrus nose, while Misket has a soft vegetal character with herbal notes. The intriguing combination between the two, which you will find in ETHNO Sauvignon Blanc & Misket, reveals a lively and playful wine, full of promises which pairs well with almost everything.

Aroma: Soft and light with a vegetal character. Fresh herbs and floral notes come through with hints of green apple and fresh citrus fruits.
Taste: Elegantly playful with a fine structure and a pleasant and smooth finish.
Combine with: Spring salads (improvisation is desirable, if not obligatory), fish appetizers, sea food with cream sauce, semi-hard cheeses and many many more…
We recommend: Enjoy it under the sun, at the beach, next to sand castles and swimming pools, even inflatable ones.
We are proud of: Silver medal from "VINOBALKANIKA" 2013; Silver medal from "The Balkans Wine Competition" 2012; Silver medal, Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2018

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