Karnobatska Special

Karnobatska Special is a modern rakia made from Muscat Otonel and Red Misket grape varieties. The taste-aromatic qualities of the two varieties involved in its creation are maximally preserved. Rakia that challenges the senses. For people who want to taste a natural rakia, with rich, typical aroma of the grape varieties.Karnobatska Special is a balanced rakia with mild taste and individual character. It is produced from specially selected grapes of the Muscat Otonel and Red Misket varieties, from Vinprom Karnobat's own vineyards.The rakia intrigues with a special blend of flavors and aromas that leave a lasting, long-lasting impact and reveal its unique character.

Awards: Gold medal, Challenge International du Vin 2017; Silver medal, International Wine and Spirits Competition London 2017

Type: grape rakia

Variety: Muscat Otonel and Red Misket
Region: Thracian Valley
Origin: own vineyards
Colour: colorless, transparent
Aroma: pleasant, unobtrusive muscat and musket aroma
Taste: balanced, dense, elegant with a long muscat aftertaste
Mature: 6 months in metal tanks, no contact with wood.
Alcohol level: 40% abv
Serving temperature: 12-14°C


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