ETHNO Chardonnay is a fresh, elegant, white wine.

When Chardonnay is made fresh, colorful and of moderate density, it is a wonderful, elegant white wine.
Forget about the exhausting wines of the recent past, because the most modern embodiment of the variety is ETHNO Chardonnay, which you should enjoy in his youth. Melons or white peach, apple or flowers, a hint of complexity, after all ETHNO Chardonnay is just a wonderful wine. It belongs to any other time, but not to the past.

Aroma: Intense, with nuances of white flowers, peach and ripe apple.

Taste: A rush of ripe fruit and a delicate hint of vanilla. This is a wine with a soft and elegant taste, good structure and moderate density. Soft, pleasant freshness, elegant finish.

Food pairing suggestions: Green salads with apples or avocados, chicken dishes with almond sauce, coconut or peanuts, grilled fish, cheeses such as "Cheddar", "Gouda", "Edam".

We recommend it: For a picnic in the park or under the rainbow.

Awards: Silver medal "Chardonnay Du Monde" 2013; Silver medal "The Balkans Wine Competition" 2012


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