Syrah du monde

Syrah du Monde®, An International Competition


Recognising the world's best Syrah/Shiraz wines by awarding them reliable and thus representative medals each year.


This competition is based on a single conviction: distinctive marks of quality are the key to real differentiation and thus to enhancing the value of your wines. Our ambition is to give winemakers reliable means to defend the true aroma and taste specificities of their wines, thanks to the credibility of our medals and tasting notes..


Thanks to its know-how, professionalism, integrity and the excellence of its tasters, Syrah du Monde® has all the ingredients to become a reference in the closed circle of world-renowned wine competitions.
Syrah du Monde® is supported by a flawless organisation based on quality standards that go well beyond the norm: compliance with international standards, strict selection of expert judges, scientific tasting criteria, etc.

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