Mondial du Merlot

Who is the Mondial du Merlot (and its blends) open to ?
All producers or distributors / importers of wines made from the Merlot grape variety ( 51% minimum ), both single-grape wines and blends, are eligible to take part.

Who is behind the Mondial du Merlot (and its blends) ?
The event is organized by the VINEA Association in Sierre, Switzerland. VINEA’s work is centred around communication linked to wine and winemaking. Some 6,000 wines are tasted every year within the framework of the national and international competitions it organizes, in addition to the modern and efficient communications platforms that it develops and oversees – a rich experience from which your products can benefit !
The competition within the framework of VINOFED, is organized under the aegis of the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV) , the Union Internationale des OEnologues (UIOE) and the Union des OEnologues de Suisse (USOE).

Why a Mondial du Merlot (and its blends) ?
The Mondial du Merlot constitutes a great opportunity to compete with the best Merlots in a blind tasting in front of a panel of distinguished international experts. The numerous gold medals won over the years by the Hammel Domaines and the best Swiss Merlot trophy award in 2014 have clearly contributed to confirm our place in the world elite of Merlot producers.”

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