Ouzo Zorbas


Ouzo Zorbas is a high quality aniseed spirit drink produced in Thessaly, Greece following an original old recipe.

The fertile and eco clean fields of Thessaly region are home for the best anise in Greece.

Following the precise selection of the anise seeds, Ouzo Zorbas is distilled in small volume hand-made copper stills called alembics and used for centuries by Hellenic masters.

The unique recipe contains 17 seeds and herbs.The recipe, together with the traditional technology used by one of the oldest Greek distilleries guaranties an excellent quality and strong personality of the drink.

Ouzo Zorbas is characterized by soft, fine aroma and rich taste.

Ouzo Zorbas has been awarded a Gold Medal, in 2013, by the prestigious German exhibition, Mundus Vini, International Spirits Awards.

Contain of alcohol: 40 vol. %

Offered in bottles of:

0,2 l  0,7 l ¸ 1l

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