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The remarkable quality of Bulgarian wines was once again appropriately acknowledged at Vinalies Internationales 2015

Prestigious recognition for two of the Minkov Brothers wines in Paris

The remarkable quality of Bulgarian wines was once again appropriately acknowledged at the latest edition of the prestigious international wine competition Vinalies Internationales 2015. Once again two of the wines from Minkov Brothers Wine Cellar received high notes from the jury at the 21st edition of the competition. Both the wines Le Photographe Rheinriesling and Minkov Brothers Merlot were awarded silver medals and along with their specific characteristics it was also the astonishing consistency in the high quality of the wines in each vintage which was also highlighted.

The jury at Vinalies Internationales is made up exclusively from professional oenologists from all over the world and the competition itself is organized by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), the International Union of Oenologists (UIOE) and the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits Competitions (VINOFED). Being acknowledged at this wine forum is a prestigious recognition, which every wine maker desires and strives for.

The two medals for Le Photographe Rheinrieslign and Minkov Brothers Merlot are a valuable confirmation for the hard and professional work of the team at Minkov Borthers Wine Cellar, which continues to impress wine lovers and professionals all over the world with its wide range of top quality Bulgarian wines. Up until this moment the wines of the cellar have won a total of 82 awards from acknowledged international wine competitions and have thus played an important role in to the popularization of the Bulgarian wine industry and the establishment of its well-desired place amongst the best on the Global Wine Market.

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