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Savoy Tequila Silver is fully recognized by the Tequila Regulatory Council and is listed with a unique ID number 1504

MEXICO honors Savoy Tequila Silver with gold

The homeland of tequila, Mexico, acknowledged Savoy Tequila Silver as one of the best tequila products on the planet and awarded it with a gold medal. This unparalleled significance recognition came from the international competition, Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. This year, the global competition brought together experts in the eponymous Mexican town of Tequila to praise the most authentic and quality spirit drinks produced from blue agave.

Respectively, a little known fact is that under the international law, the word “tequila” on the label of a spirit drink is allowed to be written only in products produced in Mexico and from the fruits of blue agave. Similarly, cognac and champagne can not be produced elsewhere than in France and ouzo – in Greece. The requirements are a guarantee that the spirit drinks will carry the spirit and traditions of these countries and are produced by their highest quality standards. Therefore, the judges of the global competition were delighted to learn that Savoy Tequila Silver is the only registered tequila that is bottled in Eastern Europe currently. It is also officially recognized by the Tequila Regulatory Council and is listed with a unique ID number 1504 in the Mexican tequila registers.

The gold medal of Savoy Tequila Silver in Mexico was awarded by leading exporters of tequila, world renowned bartenders, sommeliers, technologists and owners of some of the finest bars and restaurants on the planet. All are known for their extremely strict requirements and only the best tequilas managed to fight for their approval.

Savoy Tequila Silver is produced by a family distillery in Guadalajara, Mexico with more than a hundred years of history distilling tequilas. The distillery is among the few practicing both, an authentic Aztec recipe and distillation method inherited from the Spanish colonizers. The Tequila comes from fruits of blue agave grown at plantations located in the mountains in Jalisco, which are part of strictly defined area observed by Tequila Regulatory Council. The climate and the earth in this part of the world contribute to the rich flavor and the specific taste of Savoy Silver Tequila, and the Mexican tradition and spirit are an integral part of its recipe.

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